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Are you looking to make easy money online? And a lot of it too!

Here is a product that promises just that.

Earning money even while you are walking your dog? Hey, I’d love that!

Profit Genesis 2.0 claims you can earn even $1000 per day! Yes,


I had to check it out.

What did I find?

Read on or/and watch the video to find out all the details.


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What is Profit Genesis 2.0?


Profit Genesis 2.0 is a Clickbank e-digital product.

The owner, David Miller, apparently has a system that will be making you money without you having to do any work yourself.

Just 15min set up time and then it’s time to reap the benefits of this amazing opportunity.

In the sales video, David Miller explains how is this a system that siphons off profits from a $7 billion industry.

It wants you to feel like you’ll have something to do with this $7bilion if you buy his product. 

Even though he promises all the way through the video that he’ll reveal how the system works, he never actually does.

You are simply expected to buy this product without knowing the first thing about it.

I find this really strange.

However, the sales video is good at its job of pulling onto your emotional heart strings.

What they hope for is you’ll buy this product before you’ve had the time to really think about it.

Because, if you have even a moment to think this through, you’ll see that not many things here make sense.

How Does Profit Genesis 2.0 Really Work?


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Profit Genesis 2.0 does some sort of dropshipping for you once you buy the product.

However, how they do it, what they sell and to whom remains a mystery.

It looks to me that this product only works for its owners. You buy the product, they get the money and it seems like that is where the road ends.

Dropshipping is a great way of earning the money online. However, it takes much, much more work and training earning good.

There is no such thing as an automated process for making loads of money. Not in dropshipping nor in any other business.