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How we love it.

And, how much time we spend on it, too??

Often, too much lol (well, at least I do)

So, how glad was I to find an automated system that could help me make money on the very channel I love to spend my time on!

But, as with everything, I did find a catch, so please read on and I’ll share with you what my thought are on Profit Injector.

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What is Profit Injector?

Profit Injector is software developed by Jamie Lewis, an experienced and a very successful internet marketer.

This product is sold via Clickbank.

owner of profit injector sitting at the table with the money counting machine and stacks of cash on the table
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Profit Injector finds video clips on YouTube that have not been monetized as yet.

You are then given the training and the instructions how to go about contacting the owner of that video with a proposal to place your affiliate link(s) and share the profits.

When I first read about this system I thought this was an amazing idea!

I still think it’s a great idea, but having seen it in action and having thought about it a bit more, I found a few reasons why I would not spend my time doing this (I’ll list them in the Cons paragraph).


1. It’s sold via Clickbank so you can get your money back should you not like the product.

2. We know who the owner is and that is always a good sign.

Jamie Lewis is a successful internet marketer and is a living proof you can make an excellent living by doing the business online.

His financial fortunes are, of course, not from this product alone. He has multiple money making products.

What I appreciate about him is that he is a hard-working guy and does seem (I don’t know him personally) to genuinely want to help people make money online.

3. Training and the tools provided with Profit Injector are quite good.

Their keyword tool is quite good.

However, I know one better!

Check it out here: Jaaxy – The Most Advanced Keyword Tool

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1. Even though you get good tools to approach the owners of the video etc, this is still a labour-intensive work.

I would encourage you not to think for a minute this method is so automated you don’t need to invest your effort, learning and time to start earning a substantial amount of money.

2. Not everyone who clicks on your affiliate link will buy the product.

The video might have many visitors, but they might not be in the ‘buyer’s’ part of the purchasing cycle.

And that could be the very reason why the video is not monetized in the first place.

3. Nothing guarantees you that the owner of the video won’t go ahead and replace your affiliate links with his.

4. You are building your business on someone else’s property.

Why would you want to do that in the first place?

What happens if the owner of the video takes down the video? Or get’s his video banned by YT.

Your business goes down the drain together with the video.

Of course, the idea is you place many, many affiliates links all over the YouTube.

This is hard work. It takes many, many hours every day and in the end, you don’t really have your own business. Just some floating affiliate links that you have no control over.

I really don’t think this is the way to go about earning online.

Sure, if you already have an online business and you might want to diversify your income streams, this product might provide you with some side hustle fun.

But, I bet you anything, if you already have a successful online business, you won’t want to waste your time placing hundreds of affiliate links all over the place because you already know how to build sustainable online biz and are happy to have all the control over it.



See how it can help you start your own internet business.

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Is Profit Injector a Scam?

No, it is not.

I’m not crazy about recommending it but since it’s not expensive and you can get your money back, if you are really curious, do try it out.

On the other hand, if you are into truly making you living online and leaving your 9-5 forever, you need a proper business.

And, it’s much simpler/easier to build than you might think!

…read on!…



What Could You Do Instead?

How about doing affiliate marketing, just building your own business and not relying on someone else’s luck or good will?

If you have a piece of internet property you can call your own (and all you need to do is to have your own domain) you can build something of your own and then venture into chasing shiny objects that promise easy money.

With a website you run, you control what is on that website, what products are you promoting, how you drive traffic to that website and more importantly, you have people coming to you and not the other way round.

You can truly have passive income!

If you need to chase the video owners all over YT begging them to give you a slice of their profit pie, you are going to end up in an unenviable position.

Also, I’m quite sure, you will give up pretty soon.

How do I know this?

Because, I know to make money online you need the time and the knowledge of what works, how and why.

And without the proper training, you will not be in that position.

I started affiliate marketing a year ago with zero knowledge about affiliate marketing or any technical skills.

Within those first ten lessons (you get them for FREE!) I had my very first website built, first pieces of content published and I was on my way to making my blog a success.

My main motivation was to stay at home to look after my toddler twins. There was no way for me to leave them in childcare, and no way to earn unless I go out to work.

I am glad I was able to find this business model I could start for free and without any startup costs.

My #1 Recommended Training Platform for affiliate marketing, gives you the chance to start your online business for FREE with 10 FREE lessons and TWO FREE websites.

How amazing is that?

You will get the guidance from the very owners of the platform and from the hundreds of already successful affiliate marketers.

Very much hope to see you there! 

Once you create your FREE account, do reach out if you need any help at all. I shall be very happy to help!


Become an Affiliate Marketer, and you can soon start working from home!

Hope you’ve found this article useful and if you have any further questions, please leave a comment in the section below. Thanks!

Have a great day!

Alenka! 🙂

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