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Here we go!

Yet another e-digital product by Jamie Lewis. 

Jamie is, by his own admission in the video, on some sort of quest to rid the world of poverty. Help people earn loads of money, fast and with no effort.


What a shame he doesn’t even try to give you the tools or the truth about how things are done online.

Gimmicks – yes. Tools – no.


But, let’s not be hasty and see what this product offers, in detail:

He has his own army of affiliates who work for him and push his products.

Not because the product is any good, but because the sale’s material is convincing, and the commission pay is good.


If you have many people telling you how amazing something is, it’s easier to believe it, even if there isn’t a single proof this thing works.

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What is Profit365?


Profit365 is an e-digital money making online product.

It says it will teach you how to promote various products, through affiliate marketing.



It’s sold via Clickbank so you can get your money back.



1. Income reports

We are shown income reports but there is no way to tell if these random amounts have anything to do with Profit365.

2. Training

The training is outdated.

It goes back to 2016 which in internet years is a loooong time ago!

Also, some references are made to MOBE, and this scam was shut down by the FTC last year.

This is so lazy and careless to leave such references in one’s training and not even care that they are not relevant anymore.

This so-called training is giving you generalized information on how to make money online, but nothing really useful.

There is so much stuff one needs to know how to go about making money online.

Even though it’s not rocket science and anyone can learn it, you do need to learn it step by step and implement it step by step.

The lack of understanding of what it takes to work online is making people trust products like this one and lose their money and time.


VIP Center

You are given a list upon list of swipe emails and websites to promote.

But, these are also outdated and you won’t be able to use them.

When you send emails to your subscribers, nowadays, they need to offer some value. Not just hype.

The emails in Profit365 are of poor quality and similar to the thousands of emails that end up in junk folder.

Nobody will open them.

Which is just as well, because the affiliate links (in the list of sites) you are given, are mainly broken and don’t work.



What resources?


This is just a list of random websites. That’s it.

I have no idea what they are for.



Again, no idea why has Jamie put these videos here.

They are useless to you.

He’s not even using them. They are from years ago and it eludes me what is the point of having them.


3. Solo-ads

You are repeatedly told to buy Solo Ads.

But there is no proper training on how to do this.

Yes, solo ads can be useful but only if you know what to do with them.

Please, don’t spend any money on solo ads just on the advice you get from Profit365. You’ll never get your money back.


4. Overhyped claims

The amounts of money Jamie promises you’ll make is simply misleading.

You can earn these amounts with affiliate marketing, for sure, but not with this training. 


5. Upsells

There are some upsells to the initial price, which goes to show that you will have to invest more and more to get to the all available information. 

Now, I don’t think that even the upsells will help you with your Profit365 money making quest.


Because of what I’ve already mentioned:

The info is outdated and as a newbie you won’t know what works and what doesn’t.


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Is Profit365 a Scam?


Profit365 is not a scam because you can get your money back and you can get some good information on affiliate marketing. 

However, I can’t recommend it simply because it’s put together in a way that is not really going to help you make loads of money.

And why would it?

If you did make loads of cash, you would not buy other Jamie’s products that are also full of hype and deliver very little.

His business depends on you chasing the next shiny object.


What Could You Do Instead?


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