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Extra income is always welcome.

Especially if that extra income makes you over $7000 per month!

Yeap, you read it right. Real Money Streams promises to do just that.

I am forever searching for ways of earning online, and easy money gets my attention as the next person’s.


Even though I know, and I have a proof, the only way to really earn online is consistent, hard work, still, my curiosity gets the better of me.

Thank goodness I have this blog as a good excuse to try out all these get-rich-quick products.

Has to be said, I am yet to find one that does… 

Let’s see which category RMS belongs to!

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What is Real Money Streams?


RMS is a software product sold via Clickbank. 

It promotes various small jobs you can do online and earn money every day to either supplement your income or even make a full-time income as well.

There are many small jobs on the net. If you’ve researched it yourself online you would have found offers of filling in surveys, testing different apps.

Real Money Streams says they’ll provide you with a stream of jobs and make your income increase in no time.




1. RMS is sold via Clickbank and you can get your money back.




1. Real Money Streams is an overhyped product.

This software promises so much but they don’t deliver. The jobs they’re promoting pay so very little, you will struggle to make any decent money (if any at all).

There is no way you could make $7000 per month doing jobs that pay cents! 


2. There is no training on any of the jobs so you need to figure it all out by yourself. 

These jobs are not complicated, but you’d expect at least some sort of guidance on how to approach a certain task, or how to use different platforms to get the most out of them.


3. The e-books they offer are so outdated you’ll get no useful information.

You get the e-books as a bonus when you sign up for the membership. 

However, those contain the info that might have been useful some 10 years ago. The links from the e-books mostly lead to non-functional sites. 


4. You might end up much more than you first expected:

So, the initial price is $197 that gets lowered to $37 and finally as you try to exit the page, it goes down to $17! What?

If I had a product I truly believed was worth $197 I’d never give it away for $17. 

But guess what? 

This product is not worth even those $17! 

So the first hyped up price is just a made up number, not reflecting any real value. 


5. Be careful with the upsells:

You get offered some upsells after the initial price. 

What do I dislike more than the upsells on an already useless product?

Yeap, you guessed it: Upsells that have hidden charges in them! 

So here you don’t get only one of those, but 3! Each costing you $17 each month.

In case you go for all three (please, don’t), you might end up with a $51 extra to pay and get very little in return. 


6. No matter how small a job, it still requires time and effort.

So, delivering a cup of coffee for someone does sound like an easy job. And it is. However, things change if that someone lives far away from you. 

If you have to spend a couple of hours in traffic, pay parking etc, what point is to do that for $6! You don’t really earn anything – you’ve already spent it on your petrol, parking, time and effort. 

The other jobs offered through this site are really not worth your time either.


7. You will be making money for Real Money Streams

How? By signing up to many of the survey sites suggested by them. 

When you do that, RMS gets a commission and you get nothing. Just a chance to spend your valuable time filling in long and boring surveys for, again, very little money.

Cents actually. 


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Is Real Money Streams a Scam?


I’d say it is as good as. However, you do get an opportunity to get your money back, so that’s its one redeeming feature, so I can’t call it a scam.

I don’t recommend it. 

You will not get any value from this product. And, most definitely not the promised $7000per day!



What Could You Do Instead?


If you are really looking to work for yourself and earn online, why not do Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a legitimate online business model, it’s not

very hard to do and it will actually make you money.


As I’ve said earlier if you are willing to spend your time online, why not spend it doing something useful.

By doing the affiliate marketing you c