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Would you like to work from home?

The answer to that is probably YES, because you are here reading this review.

However, would you also like to earn money online and have an easy time of it?

I’m guessing, it’s a YES to this question too.

How do I know this?

Because, I myself like to look for various ways to (not) work online, and earn loads of cash at the same time.

This is why I had to check out Second Income Center.

Actually, there is another reason:

Claims of easy money get my attention also because they often turn out too good to be true.

Is this the case with this product?

Well, lets find out.

(Warning: I don’t want to crash-up your hopes of earning loads of money online with no work, but I might have to…)

Read on…

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What is Second Income Center?




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SIC is a digital product, sold via Clickbank.

They claim they’ll help you start earning money online. You won’t have to worry about the previous experience, nor the lack of training.

Apparently, everything is taken care of.



How Does Second Income Center work?


 When you pay for the initial purchase you are taken to the product called Personal Computer Success.

What do these two products have in common?

1. Well, the one (Second Income Centre) is the affiliate product of the other (Personal Computer Success)

2. Both are useless

After you’ve been taken through the PCS you need to pay $97 to get to the ‘right training’ to become fully qualified to do link posting. Remember, I said at the beginning link posting doesn’t exist as such?

So, here you are, being led on to spend more money and directed to speak to your ‘coach’.

This coach person is no coach by any means, but a trained sales person who will try to sell you more (un)’necessary training’.

They will try to persuade you that you are just one more purchase away from making it big online and you’ll get your money back within the first week.

So you part with more money and still, there will be nothing to earn the promised money with.

Also, if you give your credit card details over the phone, often it’s hard to get that money back if things don’t work out. And they won’t.



You can get your money back from Clickbank for the initial purchase.