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Do you have a favorite T-Shirt?

Does it remind you of some cool times you’ve had while wearing it?

Well, now you could be the creator of someone else’s favorite T-shirt through Spring Profits!


Not just the creator of memories, but you could be also making some serious cash as well.

And all that in 10min work per day! 


Yes, I know. This is why I had to check this place out and see if this is possible.

Because if it is, I’m definitely doing it.


Well, I did check it out and I’m here to share what I’ve found in detail.

Warning: it ain’t that great…

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What is Spring Profits?



Spring profits claim you can make over 3mil dollars selling t shirts online
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 Spring Profits is software that will teach you how to sell T-shirts online.

You will be using the website Teespring to run your T-shirt business.




1. This product is sold via Clickbank so you can get your money back.

2. Selling T-shirts online is a legitimate business

3. Teespring is a legitimate website





1. No-show Owner

“David Green” is just a pen name. We have no idea who the owner of Spring Profits is.

I find this a red flag – if you are really proud of your product and want to help others start a legit business, why would you hide behind a pen name?


2. Exaggerated Earnings Claims

In the sale’s video and the landing page, there are some crazy claims that you can earn up to $25.000 per week with this system? WHAT?

Honestly, why go that far? 

I guess, they just want to provoke an excited reaction to their sale’s video, where we’ll just go woooow and immediately buy this product without really thinking is it any good.


3. Work Only 10 Min Per Day

“Daniel Green” claims you will have to work only ten minutes per day to achieve his amazing claims.

Who is going to believe this?

I can’t make a decent cup of coffee in ten minutes (so much about my coffee making skills!), let alone run a successful business.

Of course, you need to spend a lot longer to make this work.


How are you going to promote your T-shirts?

Ok, you can tell your friends and family on your social media accounts, but you need to sell quite a few T-shirts in order to make some serious money.

So we come to t