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Your own website and your own business online might not be the stuff of dreams anymore!

If you work online, you don’t have to work in your office but can stay at home and have work hour that suits you and not your boss.

Since I myself am doing this, whenever I see a product promising to make this job ‘easy’ or automated, naturally I get curious. 

Super Sales Machine makes some amazing claims, so I thought to give it a go.

This is what I found out:

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What is Super Sales Machine?


This is an e-digital program sold via Clickbank. 

When you join (read: buy) it, they will create your one-page website and your business will be pretty much ready to start making you money.

Lots of money in fact – is what the creator of this product says.

As a special bonus, you will get a new one-page website for free each month for a year.




1. This product is sold via Clickbank and you can get your money back easily.

2. The video training is quite good.

During the training, you will learn the basics. How to join the Clickbank, how to set up your affiliate links and connect those to your site.




1. Done-for-you websites are not uniques sites and will not be

indexed by Google.


This is a problem. A big one actually. 

You will be missing out on the opportunity for people to find you on the net. Why would you do that?

Also, all the pre-written emails that you’d be sending to promote your products are also used by however many other Super Sales Machine members. 

These emails, most certainly are not even opened. 

Do you, yourself open spammy emails, or do they just get automatically deleted in your spam folder? 


And while I’m on the subject of emails – do you already have an email list? How are you going to acquire one? 

Your site is unknown to anybody so these pre-written emails actually don’t hold much value to you anyway.


2. The training does not cover how to drive traffic to your site.


If you don’t get people to your site, you will have none to buy the products you are selling.

This is a huge drawback of this program. And they don’t mention it in any detail.

You are supposed to find this out by yourself. When you’ve already spent your money, I guess.

And, when I say traffic, I don’t mean your friends and family from your personal FB account. 

I mean hundreds of thousands of people you truly need to visit your site. 

They, in turn, need to get some value, decide to trust you and then, and only then buy something you recommend. 

It doesn’t work as Super Sales Machine owner(s) suggest (in passing) – you just do this and a bit of that, and people will be flocking to your one-page site to buy what you sell. 

Two words:

No. Way. 


3. You don’t even know what is it that you’ll be selling on ‘your’

site until you buy the product.


This, I find, is really no good. 

You are told all sorts of things in the sales video, but not what exactly are you going to be selling. 

How can one even contemplate to buy a site without knowing what is going to be on it? 

Do you know anything about those products? 

How are you actually going to recommend them if you don’t know the first thing about them?


4. This is never going to be your own business.


Why would you work for someone else? Again. 

Since you are here, researching on the net about ways of earning online, I presume you are looking to give up your 9-5 and start something of your own.

That is so great and that is really, really possible!

But not with this product.

Super Sales Machine is someone else’s business. And you’ll be working to make them rich. You will see very little money coming to you. If any.

If you are already in a similar situation, don’t make the same choice this time.


Take Action, and work for yourself!


Also, what happens when the creator of Super Sales Machine decides to do something else and pulls the plug on this product? 

You might lose what you might think of as your business in seconds, at someone else’s whim. 

Not good. 


5. The claim you won’t have to work at all to make this work is untrue.

Of course, you’ll have to work. 

There’s no thing as a free lunch, anywhere. Online business included.

If you don’t work really hard at promoting your website, who is going to know about it? 

It will be unexistat to Google, so without any SEO and organic search, you’ll have to do all the hard work yourself.

Promoting on social media sounds so easy, doesn’t it? 

Actually, it is easy. If you know what you need to do.

You need training for that as well. 


As I’ve mentioned it earlier. Your personal social media accounts just won’t cut it. 

If you are going the paid ads route, guess what?

You need the training for that too. Why?

Because you can lose great amounts of money very fast if you are not well informed about how ads work.

6. You need to pay extra for the domain name and the hosting.

This, of course, is not a great cost, but it should be mentioned all the same. 

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