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Would you like to earn easy money and a huge amount at that?

Silk Road Effect creators say they’ve found a way for you to get up to $150,000 per month!

How cool!

Or at least, it would be if it were possible.


I’m sorry to say, I might be the bearer of bad news here:

I’ve found out a bit more about this product and I didn’t particularly like what I saw.

Read on to find out all the important details.

Scroll down for VIDEO.


Also, I’ve prepared for you a short guide on e-commerce as well as a legit suggestion on how to actually make money online as a newbie.

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What is Silk Road Effect?


Silk Road Effect is an e-digital product sold via Clickbank.

It’s supposed to teach you how to make money by using a ‘certain secret loophole’.





1. Since Silk Road Effect is sold via Clickbank, you can get your money back.

2. The innital price for this product is quite low, $9.




1. Misleading statements


When you first purchase this product for $9 you don’t get anything at all for this money.


'do you want an extra $5000 every single day guaranteed?' claim from silk road effect creators
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Just an offer for an upsell.


Even though it says on the screen you are guaranteed to earn $5000 each day, you are

apparently able to get the chance to earn this money only if you buy the upsell for $197!



first upsell for $197
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You are given no explanation of what this upsell might be or what does it do.

I find this misleading.


Throughout the sale’s video, you are being persuaded over and over again to purchase the Deluxe Membership and to think ‘big’ to earn ‘big’. 

You will never make the kind of money these people claim you will. 


Apparently, the members of this club are earning $150.000 per month and all ‘because they took a very smart decision’. 

Yeah right.



2. Fake testimonials


Deluxe Club upsell is somehow ‘responsible’ for making millionaires in the shortest possible time. 

Sadly we are never introduced to any of these elusive millionaires. 

And the reason for that?

Because there aren’t any!

The people who are giving the scripted testimonials are hired actors from Fiverr.

If you are making so many people better off every day, why not feature one of them?

A big red flag, if you ask me.



3. No Show Owner


We don’t know who is the owner of this product.

Throughout the video the narrator promises, he’ll personally coach you if you become the Deluxe member, but we never find out who this person is.

At the platform where I’m learning everything I need to know about internet marketing and managing my business online, the owners who coach me and the rest of the community are real people with whom we are in touch every day.

We can see their family photos and videos on Instagram. 

They participate in the live discussions every day on the platform.


They do not hide behind the narrator’s voice and hope they’ll somehow full you into spending almost $200 for a useless upsell.



4. Unrealistic expectations


$5,000 per day? $150,000 per month? Really? 

I’m sure one can earn this sort of money (just not with S.R.E.)

In fact, I know of people on my #1 Recommended Platform who do earn this sort of money. 

But, they have the knowledge, they have experience and most importantly they have the understanding that building a business takes some work and time.

They don’t need Silk Road Effect nor any other get rich quick programme. 

And the reason why they don’t need it – because it doesn’t work.



5. The secret loophole

Well, not so secret.

Doing e-commerce with Shopify is not some loophole or a secret. 

Half the world and their cat is doing it. 

So, you are just being told big words over and over again, and emotional speech to buy the upsell.

Instead of talking so much of why you should be buying these expensive upsells, it would be better if they’ve used the time to explain how everything actually works!



6. Training


The training you get from Silk Road Effect is not sufficient enough to take you from newbie to someone who’s mastered internet marketing/e-commerce.

The information you get is patchy, and as a result hard to put together into useful steps to achieve success online. 

The videos are, again, just generic information you can get online anyway. For Free.


See how it can help you start your own internet business.

Take the advantage of a FREE trial period, 10 FREE Lessons in affiliate marketing and 2 FREE Websites.

Is Silk Road Effect a Scam?



Since you can get your money back via Clickbank, I guess I can’t call it a scam.

On the other hand, it doesn’t deliver what it promises, so I won’t be recommending it to anyone. 

What Could You Do Instead?


My first and only recommendation would be to try Affiliate Marketing. 

But, before I go on to explain what is affiliate marketing, and how you can start it today for FREE, I’ll write a short guide on what is e-Commerce.




The business model that the Silk Road Effect teaches and promotes is e-commerce. 

You can sell your own products or do dropshipping.

Sites like AmazoneBayEtsy, FB Shopify, Ali Express are places via which you can do this.



If you are going to sell through Amazon, they have a program called FBA – Fulfilment by Amazon where 

they take care of:

– storage

– packaging 

– shipping 

– customer service


This is a great service, but of course like all great things come at a price, which immediately makes your profit margin lower. 




In dropshipping, you sell products to your customers but you don’t actually have those products in your store, but buy them from other sites and those sites directly ship the product to your customer. 

Many dropshippers use AliExpress as the starting point since the prices are lower and there is an amazing number of products to choose from.



how to start dropshipping infographic
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To start any sort of e-commerce business, you need some money to start it with.

You will need to budget for the advertising campaign since your e-commerce store won’t attract much organic traffic (unless you write a blog as well). 

The funds from the purchase, won’t be cleared imediately so you’ll need your own money to pay for the order. 

When a customer pays for the product, you need to pay your supplier to ship that product asap. 



Become an Affiliate Marketer, and you can soon start working from home!

Affiliate Marketing



Affiliate Marketing is my favorite online business model. 



You don’t need any startup costs and there is no selling involved.

Also, my least favorite thing – customer service is not necessary, and that makes my life online much simpler. And, I like simple things!


I started my online journey with dropshipping but after a short time, I could just see this was not for me.

I don’t like selling and more to the point, I didn’t have any extra money to invest.


So, after a short period of time when I taught English online I read about affiliate marketing and I liked what I learned.


Since I didn’t have a clue how to go about starting an affiliate marketing site, it was a lucky thing I found my #1 Recommended Platform for Affiliate Training and took it on from there.

I build my site and wrote the first pieces of content while doing the initial TEN FREE lessons this platform offers. 

Since they also give you TWO FREE websites for life, I wasn’t afraid this work I had put in was going to be in vain.

And, after the 10 FREE lessons, I knew this was for me and I’ve never looked back.

It’s hard to believe that was only a year ago!


I really hope you will create your FREE account (you only need your email) and see for yourself how great this place is.

Its step by step training will enable you to start your own online business and you will have the chance to change your financial future and the lifestyle.

You will be able to stay at home with your kids, or pursue your hobbies instead of spending all your hours in an office making your boss richer and richer every day. Work for yourself, not your boss!


Hope you’ve found this article useful and if you have any further questions, please leave a comment in the section below. Thanks!

Have a great day!



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Founder of A.M.A.T.

Hello and welcome to A.M.A.T – my blog where I’ll help you on your quest to work for yourself.

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Whichever way, I hope to inspire you to TAKE ACTION and start your online biz! 

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