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Would you like to earn easy money and a huge amount at that?

Silk Road Effect creators say they’ve found a way for you to get up to $150,000 per month!

How cool!

Or at least, it would be if it were possible.


I’m sorry to say, I might be the bearer of bad news here:

I’ve found out a bit more about this product and I didn’t particularly like what I saw.

Read on to find out all the important details.

Scroll down for VIDEO.


Also, I’ve prepared for you a short guide on e-commerce as well as a legit suggestion on how to actually make money online as a newbie.

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What is Silk Road Effect?


Silk Road Effect is an e-digital product sold via Clickbank.

It’s supposed to teach you how to make money by using a ‘certain secret loophole’.





1. Since Silk Road Effect is sold via Clickbank, you can get your money back.

2. The innital price for this product is quite low, $9.




1. Misleading statements


When you first purchase this product for $9 you don’t get anything at all for this money.


'do you want an extra $5000 every single day guaranteed?' claim from silk road effect creators
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Just an offer for an upsell.


Even though it says on the screen you are guaranteed to earn $5000 each day, you are

apparently able to get the chance to earn this money only if you buy the upsell for $197!



first upsell for $197