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Are you looking to earn money from home? 

Vo Genesis offers you an opportunity to earn money doing voiceovers. Apparently, you can get jobs easily and earn practically however much you like. Also, you don’t need to have any special skills nor previous experience.

Welcome to my review of Vo Genesis. I will take a closer look at what is this product about and what value you might get from it. 



What is Vo Genesis?

Vo Genesis is sold via Clickbank. When you click on the product sales page, you have to watch through a long, repetitive and very boring video about the owner, Jeny Lewis who after many trials and tribulations discovered a way to get herself and her family out of debt and financial struggles.

Even if you wanted to, you can’t purchase this product, but simply have to watch and listen to the video. If you type the product’s name in Google search you will get access to another sales page which gives you the option to sign up without having to watch the video, only to send you to a different page to, indeed, watch the whole video. This sort of sales technique truly annoys me and if for nothing else, this product gets my thumbs down.

Anyhow, back to the video… When it, mercifully, gets near the end, you are given the option to buy. Vo Genesis costs the initial $39.95 and with that, you also get some bonuses.

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1. This is a legitimate business model. You can make money by doing voiceovers.

2. It’s a Clickbank product, you will get your money back if you are not happy with the product.

3. There is some good advice provided in the training.

4. Video training consisting of 15 short videos to give further insight into what you need to master to become a voiceover actor.