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Are you trying to make money online?

Are you self-taught and would you like to find a training that will take you from the current vague knowledge to a place where you feel confident about your online skills?

Wealth Academy promises they’ll do just that. Equip you with all the know how you might need to have a successful online business.

When I came across the Wealth Academy I wanted to check it out, mainly because I already belong to an amazing platform that teaches online marketing, and wanted to see if the two can be compared and which one is better.

Well, it only took me a short time to see that maybe the Wealth Academy is not altogether what is seems from the outside.

This is what I’ve found out… (and if you are considering buying Wealthy Academy, I promise, you want to read on)

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What is Wealth Academy?


Wealth Academy is an online course sold via Clickbank.

It’s a re-hashed product from a similar product called Smart Money Methods. 

Wealth Academy now also goes by the name of Wealth Project.

It offers courses on various ways of earning online.

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Wealth Academy is sold via Clickbank, so you can get your money back, should you have had a moment of misjudgment and actually bought this product.



1. Outdated training


Wealth Academy’s training is outdated and full of information that is useless to anyone who works online.

Their videos offer instruction on stuff that doesn’t even exist anymore.

Some links are broken and some point to the products that are not as popular or influential as they used to be five years ago (when the trai